About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Things went by quite smoothly and the little NV43 core had no problems cracking the MHz barrier. Should you want to replace the stick passive heatsink with a third-party solution, GeForce style coolers are compatible with the videocard mounting holes. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. The Top Tech Picks of

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Which should you pay for? The card does not include a DVI-to analog converter however.

Albatron PC 6600/GT Cards

At low speeds the nVidia NV43 core does not generate too much heat. Gaming is big business and it is nice to see that budget users can now experience the same stunning visuals as those with monster PC systems. The Albatron GeForce PC supports dual monitors, which means this card can be used for work or business purposes, as well as gaming.

Anti-aliasing, Anisotropic filtering and high resolutions is generally out of the question, but those are the luxuries that gamers in the heat of battle can get by without. At MHz, visible artifacts started to show up, lowering the core to MHz cleared up everything.

Half-Life 2 Stress Test: Babu Mohan August 29, Adrian Diaconescu August 18, Privacy policy and Terms of Use. That makes these cards very price competitive. One of the real benefits of the videocard wars is that ATi and nVIDIA have been consistently integrating state of the art technology into entry level and mainstream videocards in an effort to out flank one another. Next up was the memory overclocking, pc66600 one again speeds were increased in 10 MHz jumps.

Saturday, December 29, Benchmarked Today we albwtron you part two of our three part series on benchmarking using the Source Engine. Should you want to replace the stick passive heatsink with a third-party solution, GeForce style coolers are compatible with the videocard mounting albatrron.


Albatron PCLEQ Videocard Review –

Starting at MHz, the core speed was increased 10 MHz at a time. Not a lot, albatorn it should suffice for the average gamer. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. They will also pd6600 Shader Model 3. Based on the highly successful NV40 architecture, the small 0.

Touching the heatsink, it felt like the memory was producing more heat than the GPU actually was. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the hair dryer picture, where a girl uses a GeForceFX Ultra to dry her hair Beginners Guides Cases and Access.

More value than before! This technology expects to supplant its predecessor AGP interface in the near future, with most recent mainboard designs already supporting PCI-Express. It does not ship with a DVI to analog converter however.

Both cards will also support nView dual monitor technology. At MHz, the system started locking up randomly when running 3D benchmarks.

Albatron PC6600 graphics card – GF 6600 – 128 MB

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If you’re new to Overclocking and not sure what to do, check out these two excellent Guides for some pointers: The Top Tech Picks of The passively cooled memory easily broke the MHz mark but did not go much past that.

Competing for the speed crown is fine and dandy for the ego, but high end sales only represent a sliver of the market and a company cannot survive on that alone.