Tags can be designed online to create a unique look for teams, clans, guilds or simply for pure personal expression. You’ll still have game-to-voice balance controls, Dolby 5. They at least feel fairly industrial, with the exception of the headband. The Astro A40 has a sleek profile, with sharp curves that ring the circumaural ear cups, customizable tags that attach to their exterior via magnets, and detachable equipment — such as the microphone that can be connected to either ear cup—to prevent unwieldy cables or appendages from creating a messy appearance on the desk. Its signature is rather flat.

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The Company’s products are sold and distributed through a variety of channels in the U. Astro’s just refreshed its high-end wired A40 headset and matching MixAmp Pro, a duo that mash together gaming talents with audiophile astro a40 2013. Updated version of the ASTRO Quick Disconnect system, offering the same flexibility of using multiple cable types and lengths, but now plugging directly into the headset via a astro a40 2013.

Everyone has their divisive opinions on what brand, model version and type is best, from Sennheiser to Sony, open-backed to closed.

Astro A40 2013

Skullcandy became one of the world’s most distinct audio brands by bringing color, character and astro a40 2013 to an otherwise monochromatic space; helping to revolutionize the audio arena astro a40 2013 introducing headphones, earbuds and other audio and wireless lifestyle products that possess unmistakable style and exceptional performance. Show full PR text. A more reliable 3. There is a good sense of depth to the audio, and when paired with the asstro the positional cues are fairly accurate.

Astro pulls curtain on edition of $ A40 gaming headset, MixAmp Pro package (video)

All told, very minor complaints. The mixamp is the real jewel of the bundle. The padding is a soft fabric that neither gets too hot nor astro a40 2013 discomfort, even after hours of play, providing a lightweight, comfortable fit. The edition of atro headset adds an updated quick disconnect astro a40 2013 and re-tuned drivers for better bass response and less distortion, with Astro claiming that they’re “the most accurate Astro headsets ever.

Mids are recessed as a result, and some detail is lost, but it never distorted astro a40 2013 field. I have even less to complain about the mixamp than the headset, but it took me some time to figure out just which equalizer mode I had selected.


Chrysler makes a case for the hybrid minivan.

Black Ops 2a good experiment for bass and positional cues. Odyssey’ takes the series to ancient Greece. The effect is incredibly accurate with all other directions. The equalizer has astro a40 2013 different modes—Pro, Wstro, Media and Sport.

The Astro A40 and mixamp astro a40 2013 in enveloping me in the game wonderfully.

Tags can be astro a40 2013 online to create a unique look for teams, clans, guilds or simply for pure personal expression. Once I had hooked the headset and the mixamp to my Xbox and later the PC, I ran it through a number of scenarios in gaming, music and videos.

The rear houses inputs and outputs for a variety of devices — 3.

ASTRO A40 headsets are designed for extended game playing, movie watching and music listening sessions with superior fit and finish. From around the web.

I could easily tell where sound was registering from, helping to astro a40 2013 enemies in Call of Duty and react in time to necromorph threats in Dead Space 3. The downside is that this does add a tangle of wires to my lap and across the room to the entertainment 213.

You’ll still have game-to-voice balance controls, Dolby 5. Due to the semi-open design, the sound stage is decently large. Astro a40 2013 prefer to feel the thunder of a Warthog over my head instead of just hearing x40, and the Astro delivers.

This first test was a several hour play session of Call of Asrro Its signature is rather flat. Turn it to the right, and my friends get louder while the game gets quieter, and vice versa. Astro a40 2013, all the supplied cables are very long, and I had no problems running them from my systems to the couch seven feet back. An Astro A40 and Mixamp unit was provided by Skullcandy for this review.

But its signal is carried along astro a40 2013 lone cable from the headset, freeing me of the extra mess from clip-on microphones.

The box is impressively large, and astro a40 2013 the sleeve reveals fun, graffitti-styled art across all its faces and sides.