Here is what I have done. Windows works yes, I’m very disappointed to the Ubuntu. Ray Trautman raytraut wrote on Same issues, temps are in line It will probably be faster though.. According to this page below, it should be named P9X

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JMicron Problem?

If in doubt devkce the drive solo to see how it behaves. The dapper-proposed approach with ABI 50 never really took off, readjusting tags and status for standard SRU workflow.

If some1 have a fix for that shitty controller I would take it: This process will take some time. They are using I should add all these to the original post because I find myself repeating them often.

MaxRatJan 20, Of course I flashed your bios mod.

JMicron JMB36X SATA Controller Driver Driver – TechSpot

I ask you, for safety: Trimmed up the drive with no issues. It’s just that you can’t force it under Win7 and it depends on how aggressive the drive is in application of TRIM. This should probably fix the issue with the write cache without the RSTe application trick etc. For example test after 5 minutes then if it has trimmed halve that time, etc etc. For Ubuntu this is a two year old problem and a few people needs solution. But now I went back to the initial situation.

The fix is contained, and being reviewed in, the dapper-proposed repository release of the kernel. Intel Toolbox is not working properly with this patch: Ben Collins ben-collins wrote on Victor Petrov victor-petrov on I changed the grub parameter from being erroneous set to hd0,3 devkce hd0,0 in the grub boot parameters.


Beginning verification phase of system scan. Does this worth RAID?

SATA & IDE HDD Drive Together

When you say backport, does that mean this fix will make it into Dapper? I would recommend that you not boot from IDE but make it a data drive.

Loaded a new installation of Windows 8 6. The one currently on chip 2.

I can not install the drivers in the device manager. Thanks for your work bud. I can’t install the rste app since I already installed the Hi Nodens, I flashed correctly, i reset my Bios options as it should Then your problem should be easy to fix.

This weird “boot camp” disappeared some months after Vista release they obviously published some kind of driver update to the SATA -controller?? This is what I do, before I start any benchmark tool: I can not end up in a situation where I’m chasing an issue that doesn’t exist because the user reporting it downloaded something else that may or may not be right.

My ME won’t update and I’m stuck on 7.