Same thing here on hardy. A compressed image of your system-state is written to the swap and then the eeepc shuts down. Note that if your Eee PC is running a different kernel version than your build machine, you will need to install the linux-headers and linux-kbuild packages corresponding to the Eee PC’s kernel, and use the -l option to specify that version when you invoke module-assistant. I’ve recently upgraded to the Intrepid beta from Gutsy , and it seems like this error has only started showing up after the upgrade. If your desktop environment doesn’t handle the volume keys by default, you can probably configure it to e. If the issue still exists with the Jaunty release, please update this report by changing the Status of the “linux Ubuntu ” task from “Incomplete” to “New”.

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Martijn Stolk l-launchpad-netripper-nl wrote on Xorg Fonts Sub-pixel ordering with some uncertainty is red, green, blue from left to right. Same thing here on hardy. I’ll test it this night CET. Now that error don’t appera but. Apparently it uses some older version of the 2.

Linux Kernel: drivers/net/ethernet/atheros/atlx/atl2.c Source File

For example, wget http: The latter has been the start of my new issues. Add tags Tag help.

You need to log in to change this bug’s status. FrenchGerman ,? What is suspicious in the dmesg log are several segfaults: This is an example: Only path I haven’t tested yet is: Compiz works for me with xfce, but its a bit choppy rotating the cube to a workspace that has opened programs on it. Glen shadow-qgl wrote on Note that the “Shutdown method” option does not seem to be explained in the man page of uswsusp.

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Please attach do not paste these files: Absolutely killing VNC sessions. On Celeron-based models, there are two settings. Yes, still exists in hardy kernel uname -a Linux stw7 2.

See also Hibernation and perhaps more importantly Hibernate without swap partition Graphical boot This splashy package will enable a graphical status boot screen for your EEE, which is far pretier than that bunch of characters scrolling up the screen OK, for a server, not for a mobile workstation. Splashy and native resolution of Display.

CONFIG_ATL2: Atheros L2 Fast Ethernet support

Tim Gardner timg-tpi on Once you have successfully built a module, copy the resulting. Comment on this change optional.

Sergio Zanchetta primes2h wrote on If the issue still exists with the Jaunty release, please update this report by changing the Status of the “linux Ubuntu ” task from “Incomplete” to “New”. As I am running it as a media server, I noticed it introduced hickups while watching movies. Uh, my PPA is at http: L2 Mbit Ethernet Adapter rev a0 Log: If using ndiswrapper on gutsy also try the latest version, too. I’m not sure whether people had success with the attached patch.

Find the line with “vga” and write: That continue in hardy with 2.

If on gutsy are you sure the atl2-driver doesn’t support your card?