September 2, at 3: So Phil you got your key fixed the linux way? Bharat , sorry to hear that your fake drive turned to scrap, one of my drive just died, even after proper flashing, it just wont power up, so i am guessing either your flash went wrong and you flashed it with wrong rom or something internal fault occured , do note the chips used are pretty cheap chips and i would not trust them to last long or work properly. Alcor Key Fix Blog Post [ The actual controller chip inside had printed on it MWE. October 10, at 2: I knew I should have took cantonese at school…lol…….

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Is that what you see on the smaller chip or the big chip? Ruru Koshy Varghese says: December 28, at You kingston datatraveler dti 1gb follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. November 7, at 4: I stored mostly word docs.

November 24, at It sees the chip but I think I have some settings wrong. September 28, at Read the other posts and how-to fix the fake key and may good luck be with you. H Adrian, Seems like thats a memory number? After format is complete simply unplug the key from computer, and format it using win xp or any tool you like but do not use quick format, just let it format using kingston datatraveler dti 1gb format and your key is now all set to be used, without worry of data corruption but do note these are not legit keys, so i kingston datatraveler dti 1gb put anything datatravelerr is really really important on these keys.

November 15, at 2: February 16, at April 13, at 7: Konstantin you have just joined the fake usb key club.

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Are those chips as in controller chips or memory chips? November 27, at 4: But definetely its a 1 giga pendrive.


I would suggest after doing fake usb key tests, you guys ask for refunds asap from your sellers. December 10, at Kingston datatraveler dti 1gb wanted to say thanks for the descriptive article, and the photos in particular! The memory its well recognized by the program, so no label on it.

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The media is likely kingston datatraveler dti 1gb be defective. Sumeet After many researchings in the chinese websites I found the right software lingston mwe chip and fixed my hacked pen drive who really is 1GB.

Hey guys Well i am still looking for a solution regarding the Hacked Usb stick 32gb i bought off from ebay. From what I have read here, I should use udTools.

Shows the 2 keys just out of the packagingwith the shiny 16 gig sticker. October 21, at 5: To add to my post at kingston datatraveler dti 1gb August 26, at 9: Damnz, unless you start exporting and making some money.

I did it like this.

As per walk through sorry aint got any for kingston datatraveler dti 1gb tool. October 21, at February 19, at 8: I search for my flashtype in their drop down and it is not in there either. Various versions were downloaded about 6 but only 1 clicked and worked.

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If you can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. OnlyofMByte tested. February 21, at 6: January 3, at 4: September 26, at 5: And if so, how could I fix my memory? Why is ebay letting them get away, kingston datatraveler dti 1gb ebay gets a big fat ass customer lawsuit they aint gonaa care!! So software also depends on the memory itself and kingston datatraveler dti 1gb just the controller to work automatically!

That format tool takes some time to format.