Has worked fine for several trials since then. I’ve tried so many times.. Neil B Tue, 19 Oct Thanks for the help. Then I tried one more time and it worked! Tape ejected fine but now the door has been stuck open for weeks.

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I trvv350 a DCR-HC52 model and I was having issues with it no longer recognizing there was a tape inserted and that it had to close automatically to allow me to close the tape door, etc. My name is Constantine an i am an electronics technician from greece. I was recording some races and had to switch my tape. But I was getting ready to bin it anyway so what the hell. Any expert’s advice will sony dcr – trv350 greatly appreciated Wish I’d searched first! I read through the posts above, but really thought better of hitting the camera!

Cassette in and out ok Thanks a lot Merci les trrv350 Alain. Well, I have read through many of these forums and am going home after work to try out some of these solutions. Thank you to Dave and Constantine!!!! Must have a couple thousand hours on it.

His English is far better than my Greek. Then you will see the small battery Have the camera plugged in and just leave it. Well Sony dcr – trv350 back here on this thread. Take out the battery and the AC cord. Then finally, I think when I had it in on with no battery but with power cord in, the cassette stayed closed.

Hit the bottom several times. sony dcr – trv350

Are-Harald Brenne Wed, 13 Apr I should have read this first! Plugged the power supply back in and it ejected the tape. And while it would be thoroughly satisfying to stomp this devil camera into a pile of parts, I’m going sony dcr – trv350 keep searching for a solution.

To be honest, it took me and my adorable fiance a while to manage. The whacking it on the bottom worked 2nd time.

Sony Camcorder Repair

A Hughes Wed, 21 Jul Can’t get a tape in and can’t close it!!! The menus are limited to just a title, but you get a chapter point every 5 minutes so it is easy to move around the DVD.


I think my camera down and up the door while is turn on. Wes Allen Sat, 26 Mar I get the message “Re-attach the power source”, even if the power sony dcr – trv350 attached directly. The whole time i was holding the cassette part closed.

If I fail cause I can’t make a video, I’m blaming sony. Just to add I see from the format of this forumit was Paul Workentine who gave the previous advice that I said wasn’t him and was Jack but due sony dcr – trv350 the odd view I’m viewing this forum in or unless it’s like this I got it wrong.

In fact, first time we managed to get the sony dcr – trv350 go down thus close the hatch we dxr sony dcr – trv350 took out the celebration in advance, we would later see. This site maintains the list of Sony Drivers available for Download. I was also ready to throw it out the window DCR-HC38 so I read everything on here and did the bang the bottom thing and got it working, for now anyhow.

Welcome to Camcorder Repair Center. I was not sure but I tried the caveman method. Couldn’t work on it until I got back home.

Sony Camcorder Repair, Sony Professional Camcorder Repair

sony dcr – trv350 So Beware- the hit method works but not forever. Read through this thread trying solutions as I went. It didn’t descend however. Is it the lenses or just the grass on the other side of the fence?

I hope that I’ll can use the camera about year and change it.